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 Posted: Thu Jan 10th, 2008 10:39 pm
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  I've done a little more poking around, and developed some more info on Edmund (some not consistent with the 1860 Census).

  I looked for the Newsomes in the 1850 Census of Jackson County. I found only someone named Amos Newsom (No "e " on end). He is listed as a 19 year old laborer. Since Newsome is sometimes referred to as: "Newsom," this could possibly be a younger brother of Edmund. The other Newsomes apparently lived in another county at this time.

  A look at Carbondale in 1855 shows no Newsomes, so Edmund lived elsewhere until 1856 at least.

  A list of mortalities in the county in 1860 shows the deaths of two small children, John H. Newsome (Age 4) and Mary Newsome (Age 1). Since there weren't many Newsomes around, and since Edmund and Mary were married in 1856, its probable that these were their children. Cause of death is: "Brain fever."

1860 Mortality Index

  Here is an amusing story of how Edmund and another teacher solved a dispute in 1852.


  Perhaps more interesting is the census of 1870 in Carbondale. It shows Edmund as a surveyor, along with wife Mary. There is apparantly now a nine year old son named: "Ben." :D You said previously that Edmund's father was Benjamin. Perhaps this one is named after him. I can only assume that son Ben died before Edmund (1895).

1870 Census of Carbondale, Jackson Co., IL

  Note that the 1870 Census says that Mary was born in IL. The 1860 Census said that she was born in England. Her maiden name was apparently : "Phipher." I see no other families in the county with a name like that. Where she came from is still a puzzle to me. I have noticed that there were a number of families named: "Pipher" in other counties of Illinois. So, that might have been her name.

  I have looked into probate records. Edmund's estate was probated in 1896. The executor was not his wife, so I must assume that she died before then.


  I don't see Newsomes in Carbondale in 1900. They might all have been deceased by then. More work will be needed before my assumptions can be proven- or disproven.

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