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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 02:50 am
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Don't fly, Texas. Mom didn't know a Marlin from an H&R. For that matter, neither did I. We were simply instructed that if we pointed the exit end at anything outside of a stump or a radget, the Dad would beat you until you wished you were dead. Actually, that almost never happened -- just the idea that you might make him angry was quite enough. And mom wasn't any different. She'd tell on you in a heartbeat. "Wait till your father gets home" has a very special meaning.

He was a little guy. When I was 12, I was bigger than him. But he was scary. A story. He was in ICU and figured he'd get up to go pee. I told him to stay in bed and wait for the nurse. He looked at me like I was freakin' insolent and perhaps out of my mind. I waited for the nurse. He'd listen to her.

There was a real man. Wish I'd have seen that when he was still with us.


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