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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 01:51 pm
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Roger I know you to be a civilized man, if it's British Ale I expect you drink it warm (no wonder y'all lost the empire; barbarians) if it's a lager I hope and pray you drink it cold... though I have my suspicians about that too.

I'm partial to a Black & Tan as that's the only way I can stomach Guiness. I'm fond of Bass as well. Prefer ale to lagers actually. And Good Scotch or Cognac to either. Though I have to admit I occasianlly sneak a nip at the boss's stash of Sherry. Think I better restock her stash she hasn't touched since she found out we were expecting a new little one... I wonder if she'll get suspicious. Forget that time to get a new bottle for her stash and her Chamberg and the Pama. ARGGGGHHH!!! I have to replenish her whole stash. It's not fair, she's no longer a cheap drunk.

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