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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 06:33 pm
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Getting drinks to satisfy the American palate in the FORMER Mother County is tough. When I was there it was a blooming heat wave in the 90s and trying to get a cold drink was next to impossible. I'd gross the waitresses out by asking for iced tea and would always have to tell them I want more than one puny ice cube. I finally found a drink called Shandy (half lemonade and beer) that was the only thing they served iced cold over there. They'd tease me as I drank my "Kiddie Beer" and they drank their liquid fresh form Secretariat's bladder but I rather enjoyed it and brought back a case of the stuff with me. I've always thought Shandy would catch on with American audiences but I've never seen it over here except in specialty stores or bars that serve over 100 different beers.

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