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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 09:44 pm
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By the way, I was testing Dixie Girl. Figured you'd have a good handle on it, Roger. A British accent ain't necessarily Cary Grant or David Niven. Suspect there's as much difference in English idiom as there is here. There was a time when it was possible to listen to a sentence and get really close to where the person was born (ala 'enry 'iggins). Now we have a Bama in Illinois, and a southerner being required to acquire a Sooner speak. We have Colonel Clewell in Nawth Carlina and questions about the proper spelling of Tar Heel. (Have a lady on a chat room that insists on a certain way. But I forget what it ought to be. I have to ask her every time we run across each other.)

Just rambling.


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