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 Posted: Fri Mar 17th, 2006 04:39 pm
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Some of you may have noticed we just posted an article on Hunterstown: North Cavalry Field of Gettysburg written by esteemed GB historian Troy Harmon. I want to share some additional info I received from a source shortly after posting the article. Sadly, none of it's good. We'll add this to the article over the weekend:

Good Morning Joe....

Yes there is an imminent danger here in Hunterstown....First of all, the whole town is on the National Historic Register. Just 2 days ago, there was a closing on two historic properties right in the center of town.  Included in this sale where two early 1800 homes, two barns and a beehive oven, which is still standing...all on about an acre an a half of land.They were purchased by a Maryland developer whose intent is to demolish everything....and to build an apartment complex in their place. Straban Township, Adams County, has no historic commission in place, as they "disbanded" it several years ago. Our group is desperately trying to reinstate the commission and will bring it up for a vote a the next township meeting. The Pa Museum Commission has told us there is no "protection" for this town until we do this. Standing directly across the street from these two an old two story schoolhouse and a small Methodist church....both of which were standing at the time of the Battle of Hunterstown, July 2nd, 1863....And we are wondering...what kind of precedent does this recent sale set??

Troy Harmon is working feverishly with the National Parks Service Superintendent, John Latschar and the developers to try to save the Hunterstown battle site from the development of over 1000 homes.

This development, along with other development in our immediate area is happing at an accelerated speed. The developers realize that the zoning here in Straban Township is "not exactly set in stone"...and can be changed at the drop of a they are using this to their advantage.

We are using every means possible to get the word out as to what is happening here in Hunterstown....if not to stave off the at the very least, to  slow down their progress with legalities in order to bide for time. Anything you can do for us here in HUNTERSTOWN is GREATLY appreciated!

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