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 Posted: Sat Jan 12th, 2008 11:28 am
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Over the past few weeks I have been reading the books by Gordon C Rhea about the Overland Campaign of 1864.

During this campaign extensive use was made of fieldworks and fortifcations, at times I could have been mistaken for reading about the Western Front c.1914-18.

Now I have some questions:)

I would imagine the basic lay out of the fieldworks would be laid out and the supervision of the work would be done by an officer of Engineers. Am I correct?

Next, I assume much of the manual  work would have been carried out by the rank and file of the infantry , but did the infantry regiments/battalions carry Pioneers on their strength? and did an infantry unit carry tools etc with it's train for such work?

Were there seperate units of pioneers or labourers who could be called upon for such work?

I might have more later but I think that will do for now:D



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