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 Posted: Sat Jan 12th, 2008 05:56 pm
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Ole I asked Teej again last night in the chat and she insist it is TAR HEEL and as she says she was born and raised in North Carolina. 

I have had the same kind of experiences in the South ordering.  Pull up to a Sonic and try to order with my California accent over a speaker.  In Vicksburg I ordered a diet coke.  Drove off and took a sip of something that when I pulled over and looked was bright red.  Some kind of cherry something so sweet it was not drinkable.

In Oklahoma I ordered a grilled cheese at Sonic and got a grilled chicken sandwich. 

It is hard anymore to really tell where someone is from.  My father was from Idaho , my mother from Oklahoma.  I grew up here in Southern California.  My speech is scattered with Southern terms from mother , and western terms from my father plus typical SoCal speech. NO I donot speak Valley Girl .

For a period of time when McDonell-Douglas was bringing engineers over from England many of the children were put in my class.  I had three families, I learned a great deal of English from these kids.   Each family from a different section of the country.  Devon and Blackpool, I don't remember where the third was from.  We all learned new words.   One of the families had a little one that came to school with Mom when she worked in my room.  She had an American accent at the time.  They moved back to Blackpool. Five years later they came to visit again.  The child then sounded like Paul McCartney!!!


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