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 Posted: Sat Mar 18th, 2006 02:52 pm
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We're proud to announce that Civil War Interactive is the National Partner for the Antietam episode of History Channel's upcoming "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America" We have been busy reviewing all 10 hours of this extravaganza, and I have to say it's been fun. The reviews will be posted soon.

The concept of 10 Days in intriguing. Get together a panel of well-respected historians and decide which 10 events, from the 1600's to today, could be said to have had the most profound and long-lasting effect on the course of American history. Then take the 10 chosen events and assign each a director and producer of eminent  stature, with many being Oscar, Emmy, Peabody and Sundance winners, and put them to work creating a one hour show about each.

Of course this guarantees hours worth of arguments over which shouldn't have been chosen, and which should have been. I believe History Channel knew this going in, and expects it. Personally, I found most of the choices brilliant, and only one or two that I had some qualms about. But I can tell you this - ALL of them are top-notch entertainment. And unlike a series such as Civil War Journal or others, each of the 10 episodes is a completely different experience, made in a totally different way. It makes for great viewing.

What I'd like to do is start a discussion on which choices you agree or disagree with, and what you think should be there that isn't. Two caveats though:

1) It's obvious that the creators wanted to avoid "obvious" choices (the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Pearl Harbor, etc), instead taking what I feel is a broader view.

2) Adhering to the principle that more recent events cannot be put into proper historical perspective, things like 9/11 are not included. The most recent event is in the 1960's.

So I'll start with mine, and hope everyone will contribute their opinion. First go to and click on "the Series" to read about each episode (scroll down the Antietam page to see CWi's listing as a National Partner :shock: !)

Actually only two episodes that I would not have included.

First - the Gold Rush. I understand their reasons for picking it, but since there's two events I think should have been included that weren't, the Gold Rush is one of the two I'd throw out.

Second - When America Rocked. Just don't think R&R changed the course of America enough to be included.

Two that I would have included:

First - the birth of the principle of Manifest Destiny. A simple declaration that I believe had a profound effect right up to this day.

Second - the development of the Interstate Highway system. Some may disagree, but I see it's development as more far-reaching than the birth of Rock and Roll.

Look forward to hearing others.

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