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 Posted: Sun Jan 13th, 2008 05:45 pm
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for every load there is a minimum and a maximum powder load that is permitted. this is all dependent on the weight of the bullet, the primer and the particular powder being used.. for example my load for .45ACP is a 230gr (grain a unit of weight) Round Nose, full metal jacket bullet, a federal large pistol primer (as opposed to a magnum primer) and 5.0 gr of a powder called Red Dot. The minimum is 4.7 gr and the maximum is 5.4 gr. Rifle ammo also has these same limitations in order to SAFELY reload ammo. Use the wrong powder weight, the wrong primer or the wrong bullet and you can blow yourself up...literally the firearm can explode from a burst barrel... if you are lucky you only lose a hand, if unlucky, you can lose your life.
I never, never, never reload without a manual on the bench and I check each step against the manual, even tho I have reloaded for years and years..
I saw the same program and it showed the various steps in reloading except for the TV show, the primers were spent, that is to say had already been fired..and worthless..PC ya know!
By the way, I reload for rifles too.. and it is as critical for rifles as pistols..main difference is you are dealing with MUCH more powder and a failure can be even more catastrophic..

Too little powder, called a squib load, can be as dangerous or more dangerous as too much..



PS A good reloader will keep meticulous records and test each new 'reciepe" before reloading quantities of ammo...just like the show can take a lot of time to develop a load.. and for some  rifles like the .30-06, a reloader can have many different loads he makes to perform different purposes. The .30-06 can be uploaded to take any big game on the North American continetent or down loaded to be a rabbit gun... tremendous versatility from one caliber..but that is because the round is so old and powders have improved over the years..

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