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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2008 10:01 pm
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There is a very good reason why that pistol has survived almost 100 years as a military sidearm...It Works!

When considering a firearm, the military and law enforcement use a phrase called "one shot stop"...meaning you don't necessarily want to kill the bad guy, you want him to quit whatever it is he is doing that you find offensive. And you want him to quit NOW, not in a day or so.. a.22 will kill you just as dead as a .50BMG round, but it may take a day or so to do it..

The .45ACP delivers a better one shot stop ration than any other handgun round available to day.. As I said earlier, if you shoot someone with a .45 he stays shot! That is why Special Operations types are using the .45 today instead of the 9mm.

 The whole idea of sacrificing a proven tool to our military inorder to conform to a NATO desire and the PC associated with such a decision is worse than deplorable..and I thought that 20 years ago when this whole thing got started.

As far as accuracy goes, the .45 is just as accurate as the 9mm. What was inaccurate was 40 to 60 year old pistols that had been rebuilt God knows how many times.. They were worn out and the military would by no more new ones.. that's where the inacuracy comes from. the .45ACP does have a larger frame and it is harder for those with smaller hands (ladies) to control and it has a reputation (undeserved) for a heavy recoil... actually the ladies can learn to fire it comfortably and the recoil is mild... it just makes a lot of noise.


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