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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2008 10:08 pm
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J Harold, Ole was right tried to reply at noon but lost my net conection.

Sherman disbanded the Pioneer Brigade of the AoC that Rosecrans had created. The men were sent back to their units to form Regimental & Brigade level pioneer detachments. This gave Brigade level commanders tactical control of their pioneers. This had been standard practice prewar & elsewhere tghroughout both the US & CS Armies. Rosecrsans had consolidated most of the Pioneers into a Brigade sized unit where he had more control over where and to whom Pioneers were doled out in time of battle. I can understand Rosecrans method as it gave him direct control; whereas Sherman believed his individual Brigade commanders would have a better idea where to use them.

In one sense Rosecrans was thinking more big picture on the use of his pioneers while Sherman was thinking on a more tactical level.

The reality was that the men who had been pioneers were still pioneers they just no longer had a seperate command organization. There are two good articles on the Pioneer. One was in a past issue of Civil War Historian and another is a book chapter... I have no idea of the title off hand it made up a chapter on the History of the Army of the Cumberland. Sorry I can't be more help. As is happening too often of late I'm away from my resources.

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