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 Posted: Tue Jan 15th, 2008 01:41 am
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Roger; an off topic WW1 question. I recently... ok last Veterans day (Nov 11) heard a bit on the radio about a Tommy at the Somme. I believe in either the 95th or Royal Rifles the platoon went over the top and pretty much ceased to exist. The Leftenant and one private soldier were the only two to survive the battle. The Lt was invalided out after he went a little nuts writing letters to the families and the Private mustered out of the British Army in 1919 a Sgt w/out a serious wound. He'd been in pretty much every major battle of the war.

He wasn't considered a lucky guy because everyone around him died... and he would live through it. Somewhere around 1930 he was asked what he did to earn his Victoria Cross and his reply was quite telling. "I was the one that lived."

Obviously not what you would call a common story but I've been wondering if it was legit or just a bit of fiction.


Anyway it reminded me of an Alabama soldier a geneology buddy told me about.  Every major battle of the ANV to include Longstreets little jaunt westward to Chickamauga & Knoxvillle.  Not a scratch, got out healthy as an ox.  Traveled the world as a mercenary finally ending up back in the US somewhere out west I think.  Almost 100 kids (a penchent for twins) by I think eleven or twelve wives spread across three continents.  Proof anyway that southern boys do know how to do at least two things really well.  :D

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