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 Posted: Tue Jan 15th, 2008 02:47 am
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I don't like the Baretta either and I would happily accept any firearm designed by John Moses Browning!..Browning Hi Power, 45ACP, Browning automatic shotgun; Browning Automatic Rifle and hundreds of others!!
My problem with the 9mm is that it does not deliver a "one shot stop" in most cases. In Atlanta a few years back, the FBI found out to it's dismay that bad guys had to be shot many many times with a 9 before they stopped shooting back at the agents. The FBI no longer uses the 9mm. Ibelieve they now use the .40 smith which is ballistictly(sp?..thank you Gen Jackson!) very similiar to the .45ACP.

the military is looking for a handgun to replace the Baretta because it has been found wanting in battle. About the only saving grace for the 9mm is that you can double stack the mag, giving yourself 15 or so rounds as opposed to 7 + 1 rounds in the .45ACP. In addition the Baretta is a double action inherently dangerous design!!!!!!! how many of our troopers are a toe or two short?

The drill of 2 to the body; one to the head is pretty common. I practice it myself at the range. I don't own a 9mm and thought about getting one a couple of years ago...held off and now I am glad I did. I may get a .40 Smith but probably won't.

Finally I completely agree with you that is better to appreciate and understand the one you have rather than someone else's... how do you load your street sweeper? Buck or slug...surely not #7 1/2's!!

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