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 Posted: Mon Mar 20th, 2006 05:32 am
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javal1 wrote:
2) Adhering to the principle that more recent events cannot be put into proper historical perspective, things like 9/11 are not included. The most recent event is in the 1960's.


I have to disagree with this as it seems to me that we've had events since the 1960s that can be put into a proper historical perspective. Imagine what history would have been like if Watergate had never occured and Nixon had not resigned.  Yes, computers exsisted before 1970s, but it was during the '70s that they really started to be introduced into the home. Like the computer, the internet exsisted long before the boom of the 1990s. But since that boom our world has become considerably smaller. And if we look any of us can find more items to add.

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