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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2008 12:23 am
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I think most police nowdays are carrying Glocks or Sigs now w/ a smattering of Smith & Wessons. I hated the Beretta w/ a passion when in the USAF. I have to admit a similar dislike for the Glock though I like the Sigs I've handled and I was pleasently suprised w/ the Israeli Jerico 941. I've owned and carried a H & K VP70, Makarov and CZ75. I prefer the CZ w/ the Makarov coming in a close second. But that's just my personal experiance. All the boys in the 82nd I knew carried M4's and I don't recall an officer carrying anything but a M1911 as their personal side arm.

My street sweeper is loaded w/ buckshot. If I was in a bad mood I'd see if I could scare up some of my fathers "Bolo" rounds (piano wire w/ a single buckshot soldered on each end) It's designed to kill dogs, won't richochett and if it hits... well it does a buzzsaw on the target. Back in the day my father used to make them up for various police departments for putting down "mad dogs."

Good Lord, what must Roger think? His welcome back thread has morphed into a discussion on firearms.

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