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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2008 03:27 am
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The problem with a good handgun is it's propensity to pierce walls and endanger your neigbor. A scattergun with bb shot will do the trick and the repainting you'll have to do is a small price to pay. The neighbor will be grateful.

The knock-down stopping power of a .45, is very nice to talk about, but the wad of BBs in my Winchester will most sincerely take care of my needs. And I'll hold with the idea that the snick-snack will run an intruder out faster than an "I'm armed and will shoot!"

There are several scattered about the house, and if the door would burst open this moment, I'd reach into the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet to the right for my .38 snubby. Behind me, on the shelf with the tapes and dvds is a hideaway .45 ACP. It's a fierce little bugger and is incapable of hitting anything it is pointed at, but what comes out of the end is the same as what comes out of the 1911.

In the box in the closet is a .357 Smith and a .22 Smith. There might be another or two around somewhere. But they are toys. The Winchester is the tool of choice. Snap cap in the chamber. Snick snack. BBs.

Roger can take comfort in his ability to beat the crap out of a home invader. I'd prefer to mop up the blood, post mortem.

Oh. All right. And spackle and repaint. Geez.


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