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 Posted: Mon Mar 20th, 2006 05:11 pm
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I think I have a hard time with many of the items on their list.  Here are mine.  Mine are pretty technology-centric but technology is what has made America different driven by our freedoms, too bad the technology is all going to China and India now.  Here are seven days I think they missed:

1. Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima (although I guess their Einstein's Letter is intended to capture that concept)

2. Gulf of Tonkin Resoulution, Vietnam still hangs over this country with an extremely dark cloud, every war is/or is going to be a "Vietnam," when in reality we'll never have another "Vietnam."

3. The Day the Model T rolled off the assembly line (kind of like Javal's IH episode but without this day, who needs an IH system?).

4. Wright Brother's First Powered Flight.

5. Eli Whitney conceives the Cotton Gin.  Makes large scale cotton production possible, increases importance of slavery and whether you want to admit it or not gives us the sore spot needed to launch the Civil War.

6. Samuel Colt invents the revolving pistol.

7. Jack Kilby invents the semiconductor, or if you prefer, on a related note William Shockly invents the transistor.  Transistors and semiconductors give us the electronics industry and technology we enjoy today.

To round out my top ten, I'll just steal what I think are the History Channel's top three (excluding Einstein's letter):

8. Massacre at Mystic

9. Murder at the Fair

10. Scope's Monkey Trial

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