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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2008 07:14 am
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Fuller wasn't aiming at you.  I just hear that so often.  What teachers aren't doing or teaching .  Or how they should do it .  I come from several generations of teachers.  I laughed a couple of years ago when my brother after working in the computer IT business for years finally joined the family business.  He became a college prof at the age of 58.  He is so happy now.   I am now six years into retirement I still miss the kids and the teaching itself.  All those other  things I don't miss at all.  I still find myself when I have a teachable moment teaching someone something .  Usually at the Drum when I am doing a tour.  I also spend a lot of time talking to the young man I work with talking about history , The Civil War .  He is the staff person and is learning about the Civil War as he works.  He has learned quite a bit in the year he has worked there.

You, Fuller , will make sure your kids have a love of history the same as your dad gave you. 


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