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 Posted: Mon Mar 20th, 2006 11:19 pm
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Interesting replies so far, and I hope more will contribute theirs. I like this kind of back and forth, because there's no right and no wrong. If you picked a million people at random, I doubt anyone's list would exactly match. My thoughts on some of the opinions so far:

Basecat: I would probably ask how the moon landing actually changed America. Understanding that the achievement was wonderous and incredible, did it actually change the course of our history? I also admit that I'm a 100% skeptic on space exploration to begin with. Since Laurie's 100% for it, you can imagine the interesting converstions around here :P

Hellcat: Not sure I disagree with you on Watergate, for the simple reason that I believe it did change the way we look at the President and the office. Don't know if I'd list it as a top 10, but I can understand those who would. As for the "50 year rule" regarding giving time for events to be seen in perspective, it's not my rule (every historian I've ever heard expresses some thought resembling that), but I do agree with it.

David: Can see your reasoning in all your choices. I wonder if Caps Trans-Continental RR, your Model T and Wright Bros., and my Interstate couldn't have been combined as one episode on development of the combustion engine ;). Hard to argue with your #7. As for your #2, although I disagree, I'll refrain from saying why lest this thread degenirate into one that belongs under a different category :P

In short, good answers from all so far....

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