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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2008 05:02 pm
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It DOES start at home.  Whenever I read in the papers how more and more stuff is being legislated to be taught in the schools, I keep wondering where the parents are in all this.  This is especially true when they want to start legislating VALUES to be taught.  I don't know about the Joe on the street, but I learned MINE from my PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS.  That is as it used to be, and IMHO as it should be.

  I really don't want a teacher who is already doing all he/she can to try to teach 30+ kids an academic subject to have to turn around and teach them how to live their lives.  Now, showing that certain values (honor, truthfullness, hard work, etc.) actually have value is one thing, but not to have to instill those values.  That is just asking too much.

Even with academics, home examples mean more than a ton of classes.  If I demonstrate to my kids that a subject (history for example) can be interesting and has an importance, they are more likely to wonder about it on thier own and explore.  If I demonstrate only contempt for it, or a total lack of interest, then they will in turn apply no value to it in school or life.  Hence, I take my kids interesting places whenever I can.  They see me reading all the time.  My wife and I keep on them to do their homework before other things (such as sports or scouting).   We are clear on what must come first.

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