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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2008 05:18 pm
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39th Miss. Walker

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Ole. Do your own damn homework.
Why the hell do you question everything I post? I don't see you questioning anyone else.

That's it folks, I'm done with this forum. I am not going to sit here and try and contribute just to have an old blow hard like Ole and Johan question and contradict every damn thing I post.
Some may say good riddance, that's OK. Stick with your one sided BS. I'm not about to do anyone's homework.

I was under the mistaken impression that this site and forums were for the dissemination of different ideas, new information and to discuss a subject close to all of us.
You guys wonder why so few post here. You don't even have to read between the lines, when I am accused time and again of BS, that's enough.

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