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 Posted: Tue Mar 21st, 2006 11:32 am
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Any list of only 10  is always a hard thing to do.  Even combining still makes it a hard list to come up with only ten.  I also looked at the title  Unexpected   would seem to be a key word but then most major events have unexpected results coming out of them.   The second part is it says Day.  That changes any list I would make as I was listing in my head Westward movement, Civil War , Great Depression /Dust Bowl and the programs of the New Deal.  But then I looked at the title again and it said DAY .  Each of those events did have one day that the event started but I am back to another list.

I have to admit I didn't know aout Massacre at Mystic but after reading about it I would put it on the list.  It does lead to Custer and on into the 20th and now 21st century. So that would be number 1 as the first event.

2.  I remember studying Shay's Rebellion .  It is one of those events we glossed over in American history 101.  Battle of Jenkn's Ear  Whiskey Rebellion .  Never sticking where or when just names of "minor" events in American history.  Then I read what it says on the History Channel list and I agree this was an event that changed American history. 

3.  I want to blend together the Day the Model T rolled off the asembly line and the opening of the Interstate Highway system together under heading of Transportation changes in American history . The Model T though rolling off the assembly line has more wide ranging effects than just transportation.  It embraces how things will be made from now on.  The Assembly line , no more the craftsman making one item at a time.  Still the Interstate allows those goods to be hauled from California to the East coast or East Coast to California  so  I still join them together .

4.  The passage of the 19th ammendment .  Don't you fellows think giving us women the right to vote changed the face of politics? 

5. Again I am combining .  The invention of the motion picture and the invention of the television.  If I had to choose one I would say the invention of the Television.   I have been reading several books on the Lincoln Assassination recently.  When I compare the number of people that witness the event and the events of the following days .  How long it took to spread the word and the following manhunt .  Then compare it with Kennedy .  Actually seeing the motorcade and the shooting.  Jackie crawling out the back of the limo.  Then that Sunday moring actually seeing in real time Ruby shot Oswald .  Can you imagine a TV camera crew as Boston Corbett drew bead on Booth? 

6.  The changes in Medicine.  Being a child of the 50's I am always so thankful for Jonas Salk.  So I put the invention of the polio vaccine high up on any list.  I knew children that had had polio. I will never forget the day my mother and her best friend loaded all six of us in the car and drove to the Health department in our town to get the free polio shots.  We went three times to make sure we got all the shots.  That first shot though stands out clearly to this day.   Iron lungs are now things of the past.

7.  Antietam I agree.  Can you imagine the futures that were lost on that one day.  The poets, the artist, the leaders  explorers that were to never be?

8. The next one is personal in many ways as my father was one of the men who build the dams .  So my number 8 is the building of Boulder Dam.  Sorry that is the name I heard it called my whole life.  NEVER Hoover Dam.   The reunions were called the Builders of Boulder Dam too.  The building of these huge dams lead to the controling of the waterways.  Although we can see the water many times still wins in the end.  But Boulder provides still hydro electic power to light up the cities as do the other dams.   So it is my number 8.

9.  The arrival of the Battleson Bidwell party in California or the Applegate wagon train into Oregon is the next great day on my list  These two wagon trains led to all the other migrations into the west.   I would guess you could add the migrants on the Mother Road Route 66 to these early wagons trains.  They connect together.  Moving west for a better life. 

10.  The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.  This fire lead to the development of safety standards and better working conditions in factories.  Also to the growth of unions. 


Well there is my list.  Not sure they are THE top ten but to me they all seem to be inmportant in themselves and to have long ranging impact on other events following them.   Looking forward to reading others comments on them.


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