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 Posted: Thu Jan 17th, 2008 07:04 pm
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At the expense of hijacking the thread how often do we see people in all areas of public service who are logging time to get to retirement. As a state trooper who worked his last 10 years in drug interdiction I was able to screen the officers who worked on my team so only those who wanted to be there were .  I had no room for folks who were showing up for a pay check.

As far as teaching I and My wife did drug and traffic safety presentations in the schools sponsored by my department. They were done on my personal time we were not financially compensated.  Grades K-6 were our target areas. I was doing an interpetation of an Ohio long hunter then, so I was frequently asked to return in costume with that presentation also. The teachers liked being able to use the point that I was in law enforcement and had an interesting hobby too. I also came to school for a reading program for fourth graders where I read my favorie childs book Mrs. Mooly Jumps Over the Moon in uniform.   

To repeat the theme childhood development comes from from the family. It does not need to be a traditional family.  Children need a mentor a parent, relative, neighbor, clergy or a police officer may provide the proper guidance. If the child does not receive the care and training at home they will learn it on the street.   

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