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 Posted: Fri Jan 18th, 2008 06:12 am
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My frame of reference for judging the teaching of history, I am sorry to say, is a bit tainted. The last social studies class I had was in high school (I tested out of the need for taking social studies in college either, I think, because of my 99 percentile score on the Kats test or an ACT score-I can't remember which). Anyway, I was in "AP" (advanced progress) history and it was kinda pathetic. I remember going all through the semester without once having to open my text book-I already knew all the answers. Now, mind you, Kentucky as a state is pretty much smack in the middle, if I am not mistaken, in state high school rankings. Additionally, my high school is in the bottom third of high schools in the state.

However, I think the point is still valid to all parents, and has oft been repeated on this board, take responsibility yourself for your child's learning.I realize the lack of time many parents experience, but this is simply not a satisfactory excuse in my mind. You do not have to sit down for 5 hours and teach-just plant the seed of interest in their mind, encourage learning, and the kids will do the rest. They may seem to deviate from the course for a while (teenagers, hey, I was one not too long ago), but they will come around.

No offense to teachers intended-there are many good ones out there. However, relying entirely on someone else to teach your child is incredibly dangerous and lazy.


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