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 Posted: Tue Mar 21st, 2006 06:34 pm
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David -

As for the combustion engine  - good point. Would be hard to combine. Ya know the other one I would have a hard time dicounting.... believe it or not - refrigeration/air conditioning. Think of life without the two.

As for 'Nam, well we both know what I think of your editorial commentary :P As for being one of the 10, I have to admit to a bit of fence-straddling on it. Just not sure. In my mind, Vietnam proved to the American public that their gov't could, even with "good intentions", make horrible, tragic decisions. Watergate on the other hand, proved that the gov't. didn't always have "good intentions" and could in fact deliberately lie and mislead them. While more may see Nam as a deliberate lie now, it wasn't as obvious to the collective public as Watergate at the time. But that's what I love about this ... there's no right or wrong.

Susan and Bill - great choices re. Marshall Plan and Triangle Shirt factory. Maybe the producers thought the MP changed Europe more than America. As for the TSF, my guess is that they used the Homestead Strike as the symbolic episode for all workers rights issues. Like your thinking on them though.

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