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 Posted: Fri Jan 18th, 2008 02:36 pm
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Kentucky_Orphan wrote: I know this is a nascar thread for those who enjoy the "sport" of nascar. So then, could someone please enlighten me as to how you can stand to watch a nascar race all the way through?

Hey, I am southern! I enjoy southern food (chicken and dumplins, sweet tea), and hunting as much as the next redneck in line. But nascar? Oh well, i guess I just fall short in attaining the redneck triple crown...

I mean, really, rally races I can understand....but, NASCAR?

What can I say? I get the same question from people who want to know how the heck I can stand to watch a hockey game on TV, too. ;)

Wish I could give you an *intelligent* answer, but all I can say is -- I like it! :)

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