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 Posted: Sun Jan 20th, 2008 10:59 am
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I don't know how you handle the wife's annoyance, Roger, but I find it to my advantage not to irritate her overmuch. I can get away with some procrastination, and she pretends to believe many of my excuses, but when the last hand is dealt, I lose.

In this part of thia country, a tap is the one outside connected to the garden hose. In the kitchen or bath, it is a faucet. But y'all have things like bonnets and boots and spanners. And lifts, and knocking one up on the phone. Quaint. In other parts of this country, they can be equally quaint. "Tonic" is the word for pop in New England. And they say things like "elastics" for rubber bands, and "tablets" for note pads. Vive la difference.

But we can all agree that your work on 57mm figures is most interesting and enjoyable.


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