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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2008 03:26 am
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Hey, are Y'All hijacking my thread to have fun on?  I hope so, as long as I can play, too!

I know this seems like a real non-secquitor (I have NO IDEA how to spell that right now, and spell check doesn't either!) -  but,  could we please send Roger some scrapple?  He's British, he'd probably LIKE it!  COLD!!!!! 

And, the less scrapple on THIS side of the pond, the better.

While I fear few things in my life, I DO fear scrapple....I have nightmares that the apocalypse comes, and there is nothing left to eat but scrapple, and I have to choose between starvation and....well, never mind, it is too awful to comtemplate.   (The biggest deterent to to tourism in PA is scrapple!)

But I bet the Brit's would happily wash it down with warm suds.

Anyway, today I watched the last stage of last year's Dakar again, and sure enough, Eric Abideux (sp?) died again.

The sad thing is, as last year, the announcers said he crossed the finish, then died of an appartent heart attact at 42 years of age.  It was later shown, he crashed during the day, suffered internal injuries, finished the race, and then proceeded to die from the IE's.

Well, at least he didn't have to eat scrapple.

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