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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2008 06:22 am
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“NASCAR withdrawl is hard.”

Dixie Girl, This gets my award for “Understatement of 2008”, and it is only January!  Still, I know it can’t be beat…..

Hey, Y’All!  I have an idea!  Let’s turn Roger into a NASCAR fan!  Since NASCAR is going international at a fairly good pace, we will be doing him a favor – he will be all advent-guard cool in England - cutting edge and all that.

It can be a three-stage procedure:

First, we teach him the proud history of NASCAR – how it evolved from The (Old Confederate) Deep South during prohibition, when Southern moonshine runners souped-up their stock cars to out-run the law, then went on to race these moon-shine-running-stock cars on dirt tracks throughout The South for sheer joy and glory.  And now NASCAR is the fastest-growing sport in the US, and perhaps the world. (NASCAR = North American Stock Car Racing Association.  It's drivers are now some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world, thanks to Mark Martin.  Prior to Mark Martin, it was "Non-Atheletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks").

Second, we get him the “Dale” 6-disc DVD set.  All he needs watch is the documentary, “Dale”, and the 2000 Winston 500.  Being the strongly individual seaman and history-buff that Roger is, he will surely understand after seeing these two DVDs. 

Third, we find him a driver.  Once he’s got a driver, he cannot escape the thrall.  

As for finding  a driver, with the influx of open-wheelers, perhaps Roger might like one of the new, more esoteric (where NASCAR is concerned) ones.  I’m thinking Patrick Carpentier or Dario Franchiti.

Dario, because I think, while not British, he is from over the pond (Scottish, I think).  And Patrick, because I am falling in love with him, but don’t have room on my driver’s dance card, so I have to find another fan to vicariously pull for him through ….

Think of it, it's the least we can do!  Roger has turned us on to these wonderful, artistic, "mini's";  we can turn him on to NASCAR in return!


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