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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2008 07:47 am
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Well, Roger, unless you encounter some delicious good-sized lumps in your grits, you wouldn't trip over them, you would fall into them.

The "most popular" thread here at CWi ("Southern Gentlemen", in Idle Chit-Chat) was launched on the power of grits.  And, NASCAR was originally fueled by grits-eating drivers.  To show how far NASCAR has come, one of the clips repeatedly played on The Speed Channel (The US's televison racing network) shows the disarmingly lovable and charming!!!!  Aussie Busch-series driver, Marcus Ambrose, being introduced to grits on the NASCAR curcuit.  He didn't like them....

However, more important things at hand.  We MUST get you the "Dale" documentary DVD, seriously.  If, after you watch it, you feel no connection to the sport, well, it IS a lost cause where you are concerned.  But I'm sure, from your pictures of your mini's and the waves that you encounter at sea, that you Will get it.   

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