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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2008 12:39 am
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I'm sitting at 8 verified ancestors IIRC. To me it doesn't really matter, never really did. When I was stationed in SC I met a gal in Columbia doing research of her own who turned me onto the original letters & diaries of the men. I've never looked back from the road those first letters started me on. I owe her an immense amount of gratitude.

I've found letters & diaries from the Brigades & Regiments of my ancestors but never of them. I've read accounts from the men who were shooting at them as well. What sticks w/ me is that they were men not so different than I; so many of the same wants, needs and emotions of a GI from my generation. Not so different at all; a I've been told that kind of thing really isn't all that different whether in 1860, 1944 or 1970.

I spent a bit of time reading the letters of some men of the 4th Alabama & Texas Rangers in particular. What shines about them all is that they were fighting men of the highest order. Men of flesh and blood and of an iron conviction ( I wish I knew where that came from!)

Roger, my first ancestor to the US was a Hessian Jaeger who surrendered to some crazy general who crossed the river in the middle of winter. Knowing the repuation the Hessians had my ancestor was probably a real SOB. Washington knew the easiest way to beat the Hessians, mug them when they're drunk. I figure that particular Hessian said if you can't beat em... oh yeah and that sweet little American lady down the way is single. ;)

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