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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2008 05:33 am
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Born in the wrong century

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It wasn't until I was in my early 40s that I learned I had a Civil War veteran for an ancestor, and the way I learned was, to me at least, a bit unusual.

I had recently gotten involved in our local Civil War Roundtable when I got a phone call from a total stranger. He introduced himself, explained that he had been referred to me by someone we both knew. To make a long story short (I hope), this person was told I was interested in stories about soldiers from NW Ohio, my own neck of the woods. He told me about some diaries that were being microfilmed.

We had a nice conversation, and it was when he started telling me the details that my interest really got piqued. He told me that the name of the soldier in question was C. A. Hibbard, Co I of the 67th OVI, from Tedrow (a small village) in Fulton County, Ohio.

Hmm...I thought, my dad's mother was a Hibbard, and as I remembered, she was from Fulton County. I wondered if there was a connection. Unfortunately, my dad had been dead for several years by this time, so I had no one to ask.

So, I wrote down the pertinent info and the next day, made a few phone calls to the Fulton County Court House (the next county over from me, so not really all that far away). It turned out that C. A. Hibbard of Tedrow was Charles Ambrose Hibbard, the grandfather of my paternal grandmother -- or, my 2nd great grandfather. So, I went from knowing next to nothing about my dad's ancestors to suddenly realizing I had a Civil War vet in the family!

That's was 12 years ago, and turned out to be the bug that got me interested in genealogy. I got some how-to books, made phone calls, bugged the heck out of the folks at the local history/genealogy department of the library, and taught myself how to research family history.

Since then I've discovered not only do I have a direct CW ancestor, but a War of 1812 vet, and 5 5th-great-grandfathers who fought for the patriot side during the Revolutionary War. Wow! Has this been a wonderful trip through history!!

Oh...and sorry if I've bored you all to death!

But in doing your research you  discovered your ancestor was a deserter, spy for the other side, or something like that would it change your whole attitude

Actually, we discovered my brother-in-law's 2nd great grandfather was a deserter -- twice! No, it hasn't really changed any of our attitudes. We only wish we knew why, but suspect it may have had a lot to do with prefering to be home taking care of the wife and kids.

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