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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2008 01:13 pm
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I am very taken with these, Roger.  I'm forwarding the pictures along to German-American CW-buff friends of mine: I think they will be quite delighted with them.

"As you can imagine with a hobby like his trivial household chores like fixing kitchen faucets (you mean tap right:D) are waaaaay down on the list of priorities much to my wifes annoyance."

Have you considered going pro?  I don't know much about mini's and the market for them, but you seem to have a singular talent, and I guessing that, once you found the right market, you could sell them for a pretty penny.  And, that people whom would normally not purchase figures would buy yours simply for the artwork.  Then, you could hire a handyman, send your wife out shopping, and continue merrily on your way, doing more of them!

I know that if they were within my budget, I would certainly purchase some!  And display them proudly.


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