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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2008 03:37 pm
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That would be the one, Roger,  the Lady in the front in red, white and blue is my boss, also named Susan.  The lady in black is a good friend who reenacts Thaddeus Lowe of  the balloon corps" wife.  You will see her and her husband in many of the pictures. 

I do love those yellow boots . 

At Fort Mac they have everything from Saxons to Vietnam era soldiers.  There is a Roman Legion that marches and counts off in Latin.  This past year as they were marching down the street they ran into a group of Western desperados .  The Desperados were not going to let them pass.  A "sheriff" came along and settle the stand off. 

They put all the different re enactors on the battlefield at one point during the day.  This past year the Romans had the Rough Riders gattling gun.  It is all in good fun.

We had a Drum battle in front of our booth two years ago.  A Renaissance Drummer with his huge drum and drum sticks and a Civil War Drummer with his smaller drum and drum sticks.  Turned out the CW drummer had been the other guys teacher years ago. 

By the Way the Drum Barracks are not named for a drum but for Richard Colter Drum asst. Adjutunt General of the Department of the Pacific.


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