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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2008 07:38 pm
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Johan Steele
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Well Roger, if you ever make it over here I owe you a black and tan... only good use I can think of for guiness :) I like to drink my beer not chew it but I think I'll buy you some good Bass or such and have my Cognac. Besides as a sailor you'd likely drink me under the table.

I did my college thesis on the Mongol Conquests and have been fascinated w/ 19th Century military warfare since I read the Sharpe's War series as a child. The Romans, Mongols, Wellington's "Cutthroats and guttersnipes" onto the US 15th Corps and the "Black Bastards" of WW1 fame that the French appreciated so much. I blame Louis LaMour and a College Professor, Mr Lybarger, for a passion for history and the fighting men who made civilization possible.

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