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 Posted: Fri Mar 24th, 2006 01:25 pm
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Wanted to use this post to let you know that we have now posted our "10 Days" sub-section on CWi. It includes our reviews of all 10 episodes. As you'll see, being a National Partner didn't stop us from presenting honest reviews. I'm sure some of them are not as filled with praise as HC would have liked. On the other hand, none are outright negative, since none of the episodes were outright bad.

Also a good time to introduce the newest member of our small staff here. Seven of the 10 Days reviews were written David Chambliss, our son. He's busy picking colleges, preparing for his ACT, and all that fun stuff, but he took the time to help us with this project. Some of you from the chat room may remember him as "Sox". All the reviews with the exeption of Antietam and Freedom Summer (written by me) and When America Rocked (Written by Xan) were done by Dave. Enjoy, and all feedback is welcome.

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