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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2008 08:58 pm
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I am grateful for the insightful replies, Johann and Roger.

I misspoke myself when I said that "I don't know much" about mini's and their market.  Actually, I know nothing.  I occassionally assisted doing wet-plate photography in G-Burg over busy holiday weekends, and saw mini's being sold in some of the establihed shops, but they were nothing like these.  They were just toy-soldier-ish; things that uniform buffs got for the uniforms, and not what I'd consider "art".  Until just recently, and thanks to your postings here at CWi, I had no idea that these could be such awesome pieces of art.

Seriously, people whom paint the Fabrege eggs work on CW mini's, too????  Well, no matter how skilled, I cannot imagine that such artisians would have the depth of understanding or originality that both of you, Roger and Johann, possess.  "Mass-produced" says it all.  You two gents are creating highly individual works of art, the kind that should be signed by the artist.

Roger, I was envisioning someone proudly showing off his displayed figure, and bragging, "It's an original Roger-the-British-Seaman" or whatever artiste's name you would sign with....

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