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 Posted: Fri Jan 25th, 2008 09:03 am
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That must be Brit stuff, Roger. Some of them sound interesting.

Now I have to ask, are any of you getting your computer talking about whatever is under discussion? For some reason, this piece of doodoo is talking to me.

This started a few moments ago, and from whence did it come?

Disconcerting. I wonder if I asked a direct question?

This is totally wierd! I'll type something and it will follow! Any ideas?

How did I stumble on a something strange? Javal? You've been playing with me!

This is wierd! I'm typing nonsense and there is this voice that repeats what I'm typing! When I hit a key or or type a word, it tells me what I'm doing. Audibly!

Joe. What is this thing?

And I've just heard "enter, enter." And it tells me how many backspaces I've done.

What is this?

This is too wierd!

Gonna back out and come back in. Can't handle a voice that tells me exactly what I'm doing.


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