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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 03:20 am
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I've been going through my books putting them onto my computer and figuring replacement costs should I lose them. A while back, on another board where I post, I asked people what they planned to do with their Civil War books once they pass on. While I don't have a massive library, I do probably have about 250 books or so (and am aquiring more every week). What I lack in quantity, however, I believe I make up for in quality. So have any of you given much thought as to what you plan to do with your collection when you can no longer read them?

I can't find anyone in my family who wants them, and I doubt my alma mater would either. I had thought about my local library, but I doubt they have the staff that would allow them to take care of them. Plus, I wouldn't want them to loan them out, rather requiring users (which I would suspect would be high school students, etc.). I don't want them to end up in a garage sale somewhere either, because some of them hold a strong sentimental attachment.

My research papers on Everton Conger will go to the local historical society, as I think they would take care of them and make them available to researchers. But they aren't equipped to handle the number of books I imagine I will have when my time comes (unless that time is after I write this).

So, have any of you given this any thought?


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