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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 04:24 am
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"Besides, Joanie's watching and she is very, very good in finding the weak spot."

Ah, Ole, just be glad that You are one of My weak spots, ;):D.

"Why did I just know somebody was going to come back with something like that...:P"

Because you are a high-spirited woman whom plays well with others?


My Goodness - Kj, Younglobo, and Ole: we ARE ballsy!  We are openly high-jacking one of Mr. Joe's Threads!  Let us pretend humility, and start it up as a new one, under Idle Chit-Chat.  KJ, since you dicovered this gem, would you care to do the honors?

(PS, I have a special treat for You and Younglobo, to be posted later...)


Kevin Harvick The (here-at-CWi) First.

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