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 Posted: Mon Mar 27th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Have you read the book yet, or have the comments frightened you off. I find the comments quite illuminating as it would appear we are taking the high road: has anyone on the forum actually read the book?
Edgar Doctorow beside being a Guggenheim fellow, as well as a National Book Award winner, is also noted for his research. He is also noted for his disdain of poorly prepared interviewers (my Italics).
From my very limited perspective, much of his writing appears to be built around taking historical identities, as well as other lesser lights, some of whom are fictional, placing them in a time and place of historical significance, and then asking the reader to question the facts, as much about what he (Doctorow) has written as the 'actual' facts, as others have written them.
I have not seen the book here in Oz. And all things being equal I probably will not unless I buy it through the Internet.
So my simple request to you is read it, read it as fiction, read it to waste a few hours one wet Sunday, with the fire on, feet tucked up, and endless hot chocolate. And then, come back to us and tell us, how things went
Kindest Regards
Bill Wyndham


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