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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 09:43 pm
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Have been nudging Dear One closer to the idea that my library is not merely there to annoy her. As the children could care less, it remains an asset that she might exploit to, at least, pay for the funeral. (I've said that the cheapest possible planting or incineration would be preferable to a traditional planting, but she is Italian -- no, make that Sicilian -- and must have a stone that can be visited, and decorated, and eventually forgotten.)

Have a local guy who's interested in the entire collection of 700 CW books. But he's likely to expire before I do. And, when the time comes for me to assume room temperature, I have only one friend who might help her dispose of them advantageously, and I might outlast him, as well.

Does anyone know a source who will bid (if necessary, sight unseen) on a passel of books? And be fair about it? In other words, someone to liquidate an asset that won't be cashed in before the end of my lifetime, and won't be consigned to Amvets?


(anyone want to buy a first edition of Grant's Memoirs in almost good condition? Or Lee's Lieutenants, or Gideon Welles' Diary, or Freeman's bio of Lee?)



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