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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2008 02:49 am
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Just got to looking at my post and I realize I didn't finish one thought. I had meant to say that I would want them to stay in the library because I could imagine that high school students would use them for papers or class assignments, etc., and I don't want to take the chance that they could be lost or damaged. Some of these books (including the complete set of Lincoln's collected works) were bought with money left to me by my mother, so they hold extra-special value.

My goal in collecting these types of books is to first supplement the projects I'm working on, then to get books I'm interested in reading and then representative books for just about every aspect of the war. I only look for two or three on a particular battle just because the military aspects don't interest me as much as the social and the political. An exception to this is Gettysburg, where I have probably about 10 or 12 (not because of it's alleged importance but because it was the first CW battlefield I ever visited).

Books on Lincoln, which I separate out of the books on the war per se, are a little different. Not only do I buy books that are current but I am also trying to get the titles I've read and used when I was in college and since then. Alibris is a wonderful way to accomplish that.

I also collect books on Civil War historians and historiography. I have a biography of Douglas Southall Freeman, one on Allan Nevins, one on Jim Bishop, two on Shelby Foote and one on Bruce Catton.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I do try to collect some general titles, most fit into a narrow path that I wonder if it would be of interest to the "average" reader. Will there be anyone out there interested in "The Civil War as a Theological Crisis" or "A Manual of Military Surgery" as opposed to "Battle Cry of Freedom" or Foote's trilogy?

By the way, Ole, how much do you want for the Gideon Welles diary?


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