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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2008 02:55 am
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Thank you, Dixie Girl. You've relieved the pressure on this dirty old man. And yes, I can make a a killer pie from scratch. But I will not attempt the Doc's bread pubbing simply because I cannot do the calories or cholesterol. Nor can Dear One who has dropped 10 pounds in the last six months. (I have too, but that's another story.)

You have a lot of years ahead of you to watch for this or that icky diet. Use your own judgement with the knowledge that none of the "experts" know anything. They get paid to ring the alarm. My father and his father, not to mention seven kids, grew up with the main frying medium as bacon grease. Grandfather died at 90; father at 92. If you'd like to live past 100, I'd suggest that you forego the diet. I'd only have to ask why?

Simply eat what your greatgrandmother ate. She didn't eat fries or yogurt in a tube. Buy it fresh and prepare it yourself.

Enough. I'm preaching now.


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