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 Posted: Mon Mar 27th, 2006 03:57 pm
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With Warm weather promised this weekend (April 1 ironically), I am planning to take my son either to Petersburg or Yorktown for a walk/picnic/subtle history lesson.  He's only 6 1/2 right now, but my dad and I were talking this past weekend and that is about when I first got interested in the subject of the CW and all that went with it.  My parents and I used to go to Manassas, more of a hop from where I'm living now, so I really can't do it in a single day (do it well any how).  I lived close enough then that I could go back several times in a week and look at something different in depth each time.  I really want to do that with my kids now that they're getting old enough to begin to understand that something important happened here once.  Living in Mechanicsville, I really have a LOT to choose from.  My theory on Yorktown is, I can exposet them to two important events at once.  The revolutionary victory and the Civil War Holding action.

I have to admit, I have rather come to like "Prince John" MaGurder's style here.

Gaine's Mill and Malvern hill have, over the past two years, become  a standard stopping place for myself and the kids if we just want to get away from the current bustle going on around us.  My wife couldn't care less, unfortunately, but the kids love getting out and seeing something different.  Even Abby (4 1/2) is starting to figure out that the markers, cannon, and all that mean something unusual happened once.  I'll let the significance dawn on them as they get older.  It'll come.  Right now, just the exposure is worth something.   My son really loves the reconstructed stone wall at Fredericksburg.  Especially since he snuck in on us while we were watching Gods & Generals during that scene.  He was floored when he discovered he'd walked the place where that happened in real life.

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