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 Posted: Mon Mar 27th, 2006 04:01 pm
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Allroy wrote: The Overland Campaign is a favorite of mine. However after 2 trips I still have not made it  to North Anna. I spend way to much time hiking around Spotsylvania. I also recommend the Penisula/Seven Days tour. These areas are a true treasure around Richmond, Gaines Mill being my personal favorite site.  If you utilize the Civil War Trails map you get a great perspective on the entire campaign.

As for me I plan on my ususal 3 trips to Gettysburg, one just to bike the battlefield and another a work day for the FNPG. Also in fall I plan to do Antietam/Harper's Ferry. Never been to Harper's Ferry but it looks like there are plenty of hiking trails in the area. (I don't care for auto touring. I try to hike or bike as much of the battlefieds as I can)

Someday before I die I wll make it to the Western Theater.

If you all drop in on the Peninsula Campaign, be sure to get to Drewry's Bluff.  The signage could be a little better on the main road (actually it could be a LOT better;  If you reach the US Military Supply Depot, M60 & A/F18 in the front) then you've gone too far.)  The main part of the fort is still there, the main artifact attraction being (besides the walls) a reconstructed 8-In Columbiad enplacement.  It features a great view of the James River (the fort's reason for being).  This is where a fleet of four ships including Monitor and Galena tried to steam up river to Richmond.  This is as close as the ever got.  The Monitor's guns were useless (fort was too high up) and the Galena got mauled pretty badly. 

This was where the first ever US Marine Corps Congressional Medal of Honor was earned.

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