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 Posted: Tue Mar 28th, 2006 06:00 pm
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Hamy3 wrote:
Anyone want to offer some suggestions about what the best sites are?

Indy19th mentioned most of the good sites (Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Wilderness, and the SJ Shrine).  The important thing is to keep your eyes open and not let the route 3 traffic spoil the whole trip.  That corridor is horrendous, but there are several markers and sites along the way until you finally break free of the commercial center's grasp.  Salem Church is just a little past the Mall on the left side of the road, there is a monument to a NJ regiment almost ON the road now (Wasn't that way when I lived there in the early '90's).  This church played a very important role in the final stages of the Chancellorsville battle.  Be sure to stop by the Fredericksburg Battlefield visitor's center for a map of the whole park and the driving tours, they are quite extensive.  The town visitor center is on the main historical streets and the town itself is virtually drenched in history.

If you ride bicycles, you might consider leaving your car and the Chancellorsville visitor center and riding along the Jackson Flank March trail.  I did a 14 mile ride with a friend of mine a few years back and we both really enjoyed it on several fronts.  It is paved only by pea gravel and looks very much like it did back in 1863 along most of its path.  Just watch out for the stream crossing.  You can really build up some speed going down the hill into it.  It has NOT been altered by man since '63 and is rather bumpy if you hit it fast on a cycle. :D

For a little drop by stop, you can go up Rt 17 a bit and find Hartwood Presbyterian church, which was used as a hospital by Union troops during the battle of Fredericksburg and 1863/4 battles.  Near by is Hartwood Winery too, a little place that produces some nice wines if you're in the mood for such.

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