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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2008 06:14 pm
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Overland Campaign   May 8- 21 1864     union dead 17,000 

 Battle of the Bulge   Dec 16 1944- Jan 25 1945      US dead 19,276,

Battle of IA Drang Valley November 14-18 1965    US dead 389

All of these battles are ones we probably know , two are made famous in movies.

My point here is that during war for a side to win many good men have to die and commanders have to make decisions that will effect these men and thier families forever , to "armchair General" weither this should or that should of been done is a part of disscussing history I have never liked ,we as a student of history are too far removed we were not there and didnt have to make those hard decisions, these commanders were men that stood up when history and thier country called them . Death is inevitable in war .

"The portrat of freedom is painted with the blood of patriots "

Think that is the quote , probably got it wrong though

And thats my 2 cents


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