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 Posted: Mon Apr 3rd, 2006 09:40 pm
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Art B. wrote:  The battleflag should be copyrighted and any commercial user of it charged an arm-and-a-leg. I can't believe the UDC hasn't campaigned against the Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, and KKK for absconding with such an important symbol of US history, not just southern US history.

Actually both the UDC and the SCV (and I believe the UCV before them) DID try exaclty that.  They had wanted to prevent any business from using it as a logo and political groups or individuals from using it for political purposes.  Short story, the courts ruled that they couldn't do it.  Ironically they sited the same constitutional issues for the Battle Flag that are sited today by opponents of protecting "Old Glory" from acts of preceived desecration.

I would suggest anyone interested read "The Confederate Battle Flag: America's Most Embattled Emblem", by John Coski.  He traces the Battle Flag from development for the armies (there IS a rectangular version by the way, it was for the Army of Tennessee...although Hardees division obtained permission to stick with their original battle flags, the "New Moon" flags) through its (mis)appropriation as a political symbol.  It is very well written and can be quite an eye opener for folks on both sides of "the flag issue."

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